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Reagents: No preparation required *; on-board stability up to 35 days and shelf life stability up to 18 months from date of manufacture

MicroSensorTM: Scan for sample interferences (hemolysis, icterus, turbidity) over 400-800 nm wavelengths

  •   No additional reagents, sample or consumables required
  •   Analysis time is less than 1 second
  •   Automatic flagging of impacted tests 

On-Board Test Capacity:

  •   Up to 80 different assays resident onboard simultaneously
  •   89 MicroSlideTM and 36 MicroTipTM positions

Measurement Principles: Potentiometric (direct ISE), Colorimetric/Rate, Immuno-rate, Turbidimetric 

  •   MicroSlide wavelengths: 340, 400, 460, 540, 600, 630, 670 & 680 nm
  •   MicroTip wavelengths: 340, 380, 405, 510, 540, 575, 600, 620, 660, 700 & 800 nm

Calibration: Unlimited number of lots may be pre-calibrated

                    Stability: Up to 6 months

                    Process: Random access;25 calibrations per assay body fluid 


                    Types: linear, Logit 4, Logit 5 and cubic spline algorithms

Instrument Startup: No priming; no washes; no daily calibration or calibration checks

Time for Single Result:

Potentiometric: ~2.5 minutes

Colorimetric: ~7 minutes

Immuno-Rate: ~9 minutes

MicroTip: ~8-16 minutes

                        Real-time results data stream to LIS

Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Whole Blood **

Sample Volume: 2-12 µL; Dead volume: minimum 35 µL

Sample Capacity: 160 samples in Universal Sample Trays (150 routine samples plus 10 in dedicated STAT lane)

Sample & Reagent Management: Intellicheck™ Technology includes clot and bubble detection, Save-the-Sample Clot Management, liquid level sensing and reagent delivery detection and management

Universal Sample Tray: Holds samples in 1.5 mL, 5 mL, 7 mL and 10 mL collection tubes, 0.1 mL Microtainer , Microsample cup and 0.5 & 2 mL cups

Barcode Types: Autodiscriminates among all standard symbologies, including Code 128, Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5

Barcode Placement: 3D barcode reader allows deviation by +/- 15 degrees from vertical

Operator Interface: Graphical user interface, Ergonomic Touchscreen Monitor with on-board documentation and animated HELP (V-DOCS); 32 programmable panels

User-Defined Channels: 10 available

Data Storage: 25,000 samples, ability to archive and retrieve through CD-ROM

Instrument Dimensions:

                       Length: 92.2 inches / 2.34 m

                       Width: 33.4 inches / 0.84 m

                       Height: 52.5 inches / 1.33 m

                       Weight: ~1,400 pounds / ~640 kg

Laboratory Information System

Information about the VITROS®  5,1 FS LIS system can be found in our Technical Resource Library by clicking the "other technical documentation" link under the "VITROS®  Chemistry Systems" category. 


Line Voltage: Dedicated 20 amperes, nominal 200-240V

Line Frequency: 47-63 Hz 


Average Heat Output: 4, 187 BTU

Operating Temperature Range: 59-86 degree F / 15-30 degrees C

Ambient Humidity: 15-75% RH

Altitude Limit: Up to 2,438 meters/ 8,000 feet

Plumbing: No water or drain required


LIS Interface Capability: ASTM

LIS Download Process: Dynamic Download and Host Query

Ports: 1 RS 232 serial port; 2 USB ports; 2 Ethernet ports 

e-Connectivity® Interactive System Management

Using DSL, cable modem or intranet through a VPN using QNX software

Includes online secure remote diagnostics, bi-directional communication and software download capability

* Except Caffeine

** For Auto %Hemoglobin A1c

*** Available post launch

Head Office:

104, Muhammadia Plaza, Gordon College Road Rawalpindi

Tel: +92-51-5532115, +92-51-5555313-5

Fax: +92-51-5540314



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