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VITROS® 4600


VITROS® MicroSlide Technology  VITROS® MicroTip Technology  VITROS® Intellicheck Technology   VITROS MicroSensor™ Technology 

The VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System is Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ most recent addition to the VITROS® x600 Family of analyzers.  Like its siblings, the VITROS® 5600 Integrated System and the VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System, our newest analyzer offers standardized, high-quality test results using common technologies across the continuum of integrated and stand alone systems.

Beginning with dry slide technology, the VITROS® 4600 System leverages our patented core enabling technologies.  These maximize patient result quality as they continuously promote ease of use and productivity.  The VITROS® 4600 System answers the essential healthcare challenge you face every day: improve patient care while balancing staffing, compliance and total operating cost containment.


VITROS® MicroSlide Technology VITROS® MicroSlide Technology delivers high-quality results with a 95% reportable result efficiency- minimizing operator interventions and maximizing ease of use

  VITROSMicroTip VITROS® MicroTip Technology provides special chemistry menu offerings and user-defined assays in a cost-effective, easily implemented format

   VITROSMicroSensor Intellicheck® Technology helps ensure the quality of the test result, reduces error potential and provides real-time operator notification and traceability

  VITROSIntellicheckMicroSensor Technology provides reagent-less determination of sample quality indices without additional sample volume or impact on throughput. Reduces the time, labor and error potential of manual interpretation

Supporting our four core enabling technologies, the VITROS® 4600 System also includes design features that deliver an entire range of important benefits


MORE PEACE OF MIND. Disposable tip design eliminates carryover to improve your confidence in result quality.

IMPROVED RESULTS. Take confidence in configurable assay ranges that account for seven demographic attributes, with greater specificity to improve result evaluation and trending ability within peer groups.


MORE UPTIME. Extended calibration times of up to six months and less required maintenance improve both productivity and budget predictability.

GREATER EFFICIENCY. Adjustable thresholds for onboard inventories, calibration expirations and diluent volumes/expirations boost productivity while enabling instrument management tailored to workflow.


MORE INTUITIVE. The newly standardized User Interface across the VITROS® x600 Family simplifies operation and improves sample integrity traceability. It also streamlines training and boosts workflow, while bettering cost management.

FEWER WORRIES. The editable maintenance log makes record keeping much easier. Maintenance steps can berecorded directly on the system and easily reviewed or printed at the touch of a button. 

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