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The VITROS®  ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is the best solution for laboratories performing routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing.


Measurement Principle:
Enhanced Chemiluminescence

MicroWell Technology:
Excellent assay sensitivity and precision, small sample volumes and minimal waste

No preparation; no mixing and reconstitution required for Integrated Reagent Packs, Signal Reagent and Universal Wash Reagent

On-Board Test Capacity:

  Up to 2000 assays
  Up to 20 different Integrated

Reagent Packs

  100 assays each 
• Resident on-board simultaneously 
  Automatic, self-contained, temperature and humidity controlled Reagent Supply


Multiple lots may be pre-calibrated with automatic lot switching 

  Up to 28 days 
  Process: Random Access Calibration with Automatic Result Protection; 25 calibrations across 16 lots per assay

System Startup:

Automatic Integrated Prime/Purge

  No primes, purges, washes or tubing maintenance 
  No daily calibrations or calibration checks

Up to 90 reportable patient results per hour

Sample Types:
Serum, Plasma, Urine, Amniotic Fluid*, Whole Blood**

Sample Volume:

Sample Capacity:
60 samples in Universal Sample Trays

Sample Containers:
Universal Sample Trays accommodate: 

  10mL, 7mL, 5mL collection tubes 
  1.5mL micro-collection containers
  VITROS®  Microsample cups and 0.5mL and 2.0mL cups

Sample and Reagent Management:
Intellicheck® Technology 

  Disposable Tip Metering verifies sample aspiration and dispense and addresses carryover and cross-contamination concerns 
  Clot, bubble, low and high viscosity, thin layer fluid and short sample detection

  Save-the-Sample™ Clot/Bubble Management 
  Liquid level sensing 
  MicroWell Dispense Verification 
  Reagent Aspiration and Dispense Verifications

Sample Bar Code Identification:
Autodiscriminates by simultaneously recognizing all standard symbologies: 

  Code 128 
  ISBT 128 
  Code 39 
  Interleaved 2 of 5

Automatic Dilution:

  Reflex dilution 
  Operator requested dilution 
  Protocol and pre-treatment dilutions

Automatic Reflex Testing:

  Reflex to different assays
  Reflex to the same assay

Automatic Repeat Testing:

Repeats samples automatically after a result is not initially reported for the sample

Operator Interface:
Color-coded graphical user interface 

  Ergonomic flat, low-glare, LCD, touchscreen monitor 
  Keyboard platform and support arm 
  Flexible, customized positioning 
  On-board documentation and Help

System Dimensions:
Width: 111.8 cm / 44 inches
Depth: 73.7 cm / 29 inches
Height: 130.2 cm / 51.25 inches
Weight: 366 kg / 807 pounds

Line Voltage: Dedicated, single phase AC power line
North America: 120 V AC
Continental Europe: 200-240 V AC
Line Frequency:
North America: 50-60 Hz
Continental Europe: 50-60 Hz

Average Heat Output: 4,100 BTUs per hour
Operating Temperature: 15°-30°C / 59°-86° F
Ambient Relative Humidity: 15%-75% RH non-condensing
Altitude: -0.1524/2.439 km / -500/8000 feet
Plumbing: No water or drain required; Self-contained, on-board liquid waste management eliminates special requirements for off-board plumbing

Bidirectional interface for ASTM and Kermit protocols, including broadcast download 4 RS 232 serial ports

Head Office:

104, Muhammadia Plaza, Gordon College Road Rawalpindi

Tel: +92-51-5532115, +92-51-5555313-5

Fax: +92-51-5540314



Karachi:C – 231, Block 3, KECHS, Karachi, Tel: +92-21-34384392-4 , Fax: +92-51-34384391
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Peshawar:7-C, Karachi Market, Khyber Bazar Peshawar , Tel: +92-91-2553422, Fax: +92-91-2565334
Multan:Waseem Square, 1st Floor, Near Ramzi Brain Center, Nishtar Road Multan, Tel: 0345-8560631
Faisalabad:Plot No 107, First Floor, Office No 4, Near Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Tel: +92-300-6530048

Quetta:3-3/27 Basement Near National Bank (Main Branch) Jinnah Road Quetta Tel: +92-308-3862821