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Abacus Junior Vet 5

Abacus Junior Vet 5 - Animal Healthcare at its Best

Diatron has leveraged its expertise in developing and manufacturing hematology analyzers for the human clinical market in order to also produce veterinary analyzers. The Abacus Junior Vet 5 offers 5-part diff WBC results for animal healthcare.


  • Ease of use - The user-friendly interface of this hematology veterinary analyzer enables fast and efficient operation, and the large back-lit LCD allows accurate data entry and monitoring of results and histograms. With its logically constructed multilingual operating menu, the veterinary analyzer is easy to operate. New features can be added easily when software upgrades occur and patient data can be saved without difficulty to a database or to a disk or pendrive. Results can be retrieved via an on-board printer or an external printer. For those practices/clinics that require it, either model may be interfaced with a host computer. To ensure high quality results, the hematology analyzers offer 6-level QC, Levy Jennings graphs, and also have self-diagnostic functions for added reliability and accuracy.
  • High performance - The Abacus Junior Vet 5 hematology veterinary analyzer offers pre-defined 3-part differential WBC profiles for dog, cat, horse, cattle, pig, sheep, goat, mouse, rat, rabbit, ferret and chimpanzee and 5-part diff WBC results on dog, cat, horse and cattle samples.
  • Reliable and efficient - Each Abacus hematology veterinary analyzer is almost maintenance-free, resulting in minimal downtime. They are small and light, taking up little bench space.


  • Throughput- 22-28 tests/hour in 3-part mode, 15-20 test/hour in 5-part mode
  • ​Parameters - 22 hematology parameters, including 5-part WBC differential: WBC, LYM, MON, NEU, EOS, BAS, LYM%, MON%, NEU%, EOS%, BAS%, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDW, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
  • Impedance method
  • Sample volume - 25/50 μl of whole blood in 3/5-part diff mode
  • Sampling method - Open tube system with automatic sample rotor
  • Sample profiles - in 5-part mode: Dog, Cat, Horse, Control blood, in 3-part mode: Dog, Cat, Horse, Cattle, Pig, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Ferret, Chimp, Sheep, Goat, Guinea Pig
  • 5 cyanide-free reagents - Isotonic Diluent, Lyse, Diff VET5, Cleaner and Rinse
  • Data storage capacity - 1000 (2000/10000 optional) result, including histograms
  • Built-in thermal printer (B/W, 56mm wide paper)
  • User interface - Easy-to-use, menu driven user interface with 6 software buttons (with icons), 6 hardware function buttons, cursor and numeric keys
  • Size (Width x Depth x Height)- 32 cm x 36.5 cm x 26 cm, 12.8 in x 14.6 in x 10.4 in
  • Weight - 13 kg, 28.7 lbs

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