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DT- Prime

DTprime (DT-96) Real-time cycler combines innovative technical solutions, flexibility of setup, user- friendly English/Russian interface and reliable design. DTprime is the optimal choice for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput as well as for researchers that need some fine tuning and setup optimization.

DTprime (DT-96) Special Features:

  • Multipurpose Flexibility and High Sensitivity High flexibility thanks to the 96-well format suited for PCR microplates,test tubes and strips;
  • Up to 5-channel multiplex fluorescence detection for a variety of fluorescence dyes in a wide spectral range*;
  • High sensitivity, optimal signal/noise ratio and a low interchannel crosstalk ensured by the unique design of the optical track including a separate light source for each channel and a matrix CCD camera;
  • Broad dynamic range of detection achieved by employing multiple exposure method, which takes the optimization of signal registration conditions to a whole new level, greatly simplifying or even eliminating the need for photometric settings;
  • Simplicity and intuitive operation by users with different qualifications. The program can be run either in a simplified or in a full-featured mode, which provide a supportive environment both for clinical and research applications;
  • Light emitting diodes (LED) as a light source that, unlike halogen lamps, does not deteriorate over the life-time of about 100,000 hours and therefore does not require maintenance or constant monitoring;
  • An embedded microcontroller and display allowing to execute programs without direct supervision as well as to resume program execution in a case of a power failure or an unexpected computer shutdown;
  • Can operate with robotized sample preparation systems thanks to its special body design and an automatically operated draw-out thermoblock;
  • Can be easily integrated with any laboratory information system (LIS) as the device can save all data in a standard graphic or text formats ready to be loaded into databases.
  • Several devices can be controlled simultaneously by one computer. Moreover any batch of data can be viewed and analyzed by the user using computer while another amplification program is being executed;
  • The compact body design, allowing several devices to be placed closer together to increase productivity at minimal space requirements;
  • The device is an open system and is not limited for use with specific reagents or plastic. At the same time DNA-Technology supplies test systems for the majority of real time PCR applications that exist today.

*   the standard device has four channels tuned to Hex, Fam, Cy5 and Rox. A fifth channel can be added at the customer’s request.

Technical characteristics:

http://www.dna-technology.ru/i/site/tbg.gif) 0% 0% repeat rgb(26, 98, 201);">Parameterhttp://www.dna-technology.ru/i/site/tbg.gif) 0% 0% repeat rgb(26, 98, 201);">Value
Thermoblock format 96 test tubes (12 x 8)x0.2 ml
Type of test tube 0.2-ml PCR tubes (separate, in strips of 8 or 96-well PCR microplate (12x8))
Temperature range of the thermoblock, °C 0…100
Temperature setting increment, °C 0.1
Precision of temperature maintenance, °C +/- 0,2
Temperature irregularity of thermoblock, maximal, °C 0.3 (+/-0.15)
Heating ramping rate, average (maximal), °C/s 3.3 (3.5)
Cooling ramping rate, average (maximal), °C/s 2.1 
Active heating/cooling device of the thermoblock Peltier elements
Excitation source LED 
Detector CCD matrix camera
Number of channels for measuring 4 (5-th channel is set optional)
Excitation/detection wavelengths,nm 470-750
Thermal block lid heating, °C 105
Dimensions, width x length x height, mm 210 x 540 x 540 
Weight, kg 27

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